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In addition to the unique natural landscapes, exotic cuisine and a unique combination of the most diverse world cultures, Singapore is characterized by wide opportunities for shopping lovers of various directions.

It is believed that buyers come to countries in the Asia-Pacific region in pursuit of cheapness. But in the case of Singapore, this is not entirely true. As in many other areas, the city-state here is showing its originality.

Firstly, the city is almost completely missing the famous Asian flea market. Instead, tourists are waiting for numerous shopping centers, ubiquitous shops and boutiques. They are found even in museums and cultural institutions.

At the same time, prices in Singapore are much higher than in neighboring countries. On the one hand, it discourages tourists from traveling here seeking to buy something at a cheap price. On the other hand, it eliminates the risk of acquiring a low-quality fake to a high degree. And we are talking not only about local souvenirs or jewelry, which visiting businessmen love to buy for their companions in the Singapore escorts category, but also about more expensive things.

It is no exaggeration to say that there is everything in Singapore. In addition to souvenirs and clothes with national color, here you can find a thing for every taste:

    • works of art that have absorbed local traditions;

    • unique jewelry and jewelry;

    • unique interior items, antiques.

As for wardrobe items, in Singapore you can buy original items from well-known local brands (the most expensive Raoul, as well as Carrie K., Elohim by Sabrina Goh., Womb) or products by young designers. There are also quite respectable local perfume brands.

Quite expensive jewelry and jewelry brands such as Miniature Asian Chef, White Feather, Risis and others look very original and chic. No wonder the dazzling girls of the Singapore elite escort category prefer these products.

In order not to run into a fake and low-quality goods, it is most expedient to make purchases in malls - large and expensive shopping centers, or in branded branded stores and boutiques. An example is the network of the oldest local retailer Tangs or one of the largest shopping center Vivo City.

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Those people who have ever been to Singapore at least once know perfectly well: he is by no means just a “banana-lemon” one. Today it is a modern, dynamically developing city. There is something to see, and in addition to exotic fruits. 

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Marina Bay in Singapore

As it is known, a transit tourist, traveling through Singapore, has the right to stay here without a visa for 96 hours. This allows you to take the time and, if you have time, familiarize yourself with this unique city in more detail.

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The current Singapore is one of the fastest growing points on the map not only of Southeast Asia, but of the whole world.
Who would have thought some 50 years ago that this city-state, which had defended its independence from numerous colonialists, would be able to take such a high start.

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