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Those people who have ever been to Singapore at least once know perfectly well: he is by no means just a “banana-lemon” one. Today it is a modern, dynamically developing city. There is something to see, and in addition to exotic fruits. 

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As it is known, a transit tourist, traveling through Singapore, has the right to stay here without a visa for 96 hours. This allows you to take the time and, if you have time, familiarize yourself with this unique city in more detail.

The current Singapore is one of the fastest growing points on the map not only of Southeast Asia, but of the whole world.
Who would have thought some 50 years ago that this city-state, which had defended its independence from numerous colonialists, would be able to take such a high start.

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It is difficult to surprise experienced tourists with night butterflies (in the direct, immediate sense). Of course, if we are talking about insects.

Singapore is a mysterious exotic located somewhere on the edge of the Earth. And even those who have visited this city-state can hardly boast that they have learned a lot about this region.

When visiting Singapore, it would be an unforgivable mistake to miss the opportunity to look at this amazing city from a bird's eye view.

Like any other major city, no matter in which country it is located, Singapore never sleeps at night.

As in many other countries of Southeast Asia, the economy in Singapore is developing at a rapid pace, significantly outperforming the majority of fully developed European countries.

About gastronomic delights, exotic and original cuisine of Southeast Asia, no wonder legends. The inhabitants of these places for many thousands of years have created an amazing and unique culinary tradition.

The unique city-state of Singapore is not only the azure waters of the ocean and dazzling sandy beaches, unique landscapes, exotic flora and fauna.

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Despite the fact that almost everyone has heard about the city-state of Singapore, few people know that this exotic, insanely beautiful and prestigious place is spread over a whole range of islands.

Singapore is often called the most amazing country in the Asian region.

Even by the standards of the rapidly developing Southeast Asia, Singapore sets records. By the way, they impartially register the world media.

In addition to the unique natural landscapes, exotic cuisine and a unique combination of the most diverse world cultures, Singapore is characterized by wide opportunities for shopping lo

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It’s so good that in the modern world everything is pretty automated and you can make a new and exciting acquaintance without leaving your home or somewhere

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It is with great pleasure that we open the hidden curtain for you, so carefully hidden from the eyes of other people.

In the modern world, escort services are in great demand among the strong half of humanity.

It is with great pleasure that we open for you a hidden curtain, so carefully hidden from the eyes of other people.

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Unlike ordinary tourists, sophisticated and wealthy travelers are well aware: if you choose a voyage to one of the countries of Southeast Asia, then preference should be given not to Tha

The Chinese city of Shanghai itself is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Talking about the attractions of the unique city-state of Singapore, it is impossible to ignore the most luxurious Raffles Hotel located in the main central part of this incredible count

Almost every country in the world considers it its duty to establish a national gallery, which would display the best works of art by local authors and famous foreigners.

It would seem, what could be surprising in the presence of a special Chinatown in any country in Southeast Asia, if such conglomerations are present in Paris, and in New York, and in Syd

There is one remarkable place in Singapore, a must-see for tourists of any category.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to surprise a rich traveler with some gastronomic delights, unusual interiors or the level of service in restaurants, no matter where in the world they are

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Despite the fact that the city-state of Singapore is relatively small in size, it is rather difficult to survey all its charms, secrets and pleasures in one day.

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