Singapore Attractions

Singapore Attractions

Those people who have ever been to Singapore at least once know perfectly well: he is by no means just a “banana-lemon” one. Today it is a modern, dynamically developing city. There is something to see, and in addition to exotic fruits. 

It is not without reason that tourists from all over the world are striving here, including well-to-do people who can afford to order the services of Singapore VIP escorts, celebrities and even representatives of the royal courts.


On the coast there are several beaches. Despite the fact that most of them are located right in the city, there is quite clean and rather quiet. Most of them are sandy. Among the most famous are:

  • Changi Beach;
  • East Coast Park;
  • Coney Island Park.

This list is not limited. Many of them are especially picturesque at sunset time. In addition, some have all the conditions for practicing active sports, diving and other extreme entertainment.


Lovers of exotic and tourists with children will certainly be interested to visit the local zoo. However, quite respectable public comes here accompanied by charming beauties of the Singapore escort category and even Arab sheikhs.

You can get to this heavenly place from Khatib metro station, from where a special minibus runs every 15 minutes. A tourist tram runs around the territory, but it's better not to be lazy and spend about 3 hours to get around the entire bright exposition on foot.

Museums and religious buildings

Different cultures influenced the development of the city-state:

  • Japanese;
  • Chinese;
  • Malay;
  • Buddhism;
  • Islam.

Is it any wonder that the abundance of historical monuments belonging to different eras and styles, which this corner of the planet is famous for? It seems that here, as in a giant cauldron, all possible traditions of the world are mixed, starting with the ancient Confucian and ending with the very European.

The same can be said about the museums of the city. Fans of a particular culture can choose from a fairly extensive list and in accordance with their own interests, preferences and preferences. Cultural objects are lined up compactly, so you can visit several at once in one day.

In a word, you can spend time with benefit here without any difficulty. Although, of course, bananas with lemons and other exotic local cuisine are not forgotten here.

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Singapore Attractions
Those people who have ever been to Singapore at least once know perfectly well: he is by no means just a “banana-lemon” one. Today it is a modern,...
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