Butterfly Park in Singapore

Butterfly Park Singapore

It is difficult to surprise experienced tourists with night butterflies (in the direct, immediate sense). Of course, if we are talking about insects. But even among the most sophisticated of them, the heart stops and breathing is interrupted when they enter the real kingdom of fluttering sorceresses in Singapore. Brides from around the world faint, husbands distractedly shrug, relatives do not understand what is happening. And the matter is that moth.

Sentosa Island 

It is here - on the tiny island of Sentosa - paradise is located, which visit not only ordinary tourists, but also royals. Charming girls from agencies of the class of Singapore escort girls will tell this touching legend. According to ancient legend, a very rich girl loved a poor young man. But since the parents of the girls were categorically against such a misalliance, she fluttered her eyelashes and 300 species of butterflies flew to convey the message of love. 

That is why the largest park contains 300 species of fluttering persons. 

It is possible that someone will consider this legend for romantic nonsense. Someone will find a whole series of logical inconsistencies in this story. But why, then, at dusk of the day, there such people stand side by side at the bay, shoulder to shoulder: 

• Chinese student; 

• Australian retiree: 

• a successful German businessman. 

Why do they diverge silently when the sun sets over the horizon? Why it seems to them that they have lost something? 

No time for sadness

However, this is only a few minutes of sentimental romance. It is necessary to step only a couple of steps, as in a whirlpool of events capture new colors of a bright palette. Those most charming creatures belonging to a rather serious category top-class escorts Singapore show an incendiary high and low show. 

It is almost impossible to catch when and how their mood changes. Moreover, all local men, regardless of age and their anthropometric data, become participants in a kind of "corps de ballet". 

It is obvious that the unique island-state is located at a sufficiently large distance from the borders of our homeland. Nevertheless, we are in many ways similar to the people inhabiting this archipelago. 

We also love butterflies, store pollen from their weightless wings and dream of letting them go free without thinking about what kind of insect is. Only now, it happens with us very rarely. And even then - why in Singapore.

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