Chinatown in Singapore

Chinatown in Singapore

It would seem, what could be surprising in the presence of a special Chinatown in any country in Southeast Asia, if such conglomerations are present in Paris, and in New York, and in Sydney? Nevertheless, it is in Singapore that there is an absolutely authentic quarter, like a sponge that has absorbed all the best from the history, culture and science of the region.

Of course, this most prestigious and fashionable area of ​​Singapore begins with the Pagoda. This monumental building by local standards, erected almost 300 years ago, and still performs its main function, which is to worship the Gods.

But, in full accord with local traditions, representatives of various confessions, including even atheists, can enter the temple. This tolerance attracts not only believers, but also people belonging to a wide variety of categories:

representatives of royal houses, royal families, members of governments of various countries of the world;

recognizable celebrities from the world of cinema, show business, sports, television;

respectable gentlemen, accompanied by dazzling beauties of Singapore elite travel companions, and fine-looking married couples.

The thing is that an old Chinese pagoda against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers is a very impressive sight!

But a huge number of tourists are attracted here not only by the unique location, but also by the internal content. The fact is that in addition to its main role, the Singapore pagoda is also a rather curious museum.

Within the walls of the complex there is a unique collection that tells about culture, various stages of development, civilizational progress, both of the city-state itself and of the whole of South-East Asia. You will not find such a collection of inimitable works of art and historical objects in any of the most famous museums in the world!

Luxurious halls, made in an incredibly stunning local style, keep so many secrets and secrets that it is almost impossible to comprehend and perceive when visiting the usual short-term standard excursion offered to ordinary tourists.

That is why wealthy gentlemen who visit the unique Singapore Pagoda alone prefer to use the services of dazzling beauties from specialized companies of the SG escort agency class.

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the radiant smile of the companion and her impeccable appearance significantly increase the status of the guest, attracting admiring glances. Secondly, the very spiritual and aristocratic aura of the place literally makes it correspond to a given level. Well, and finally, the company of a charming girl who knows foreign languages, local traditions and is ready to fulfill any guest's wishes is pleasant in itself!

It is these enchantresses in all their glory that are presented in the catalog of our agency! Each of them is ready not only to smile dazzlingly, but also to brighten up leisure, play the role of a guide, translate various local issues, idioms and expressions into an understandable language. And these services of gorgeous escort (and not only for the legendary Pagoda) are quite inexpensive!

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