National Gallery of Singapore

National gallery of Singapore

Almost every country in the world considers it its duty to establish a national gallery, which would display the best works of art by local authors and famous foreigners.

The rapidly developing city state of Singapore is no exception in this regard. True, the National Gallery of Singapore was opened relatively late - in 2015, although the process of its foundation began in 2005. The complex occupies 2 buildings: the former City Hall and the former Supreme Court.

The total area allotted for the exposition is 64 square meters and includes over 8,000 pieces of art. This is a favorite place of pilgrimage for representatives of world bohemia, show business, theater and cinema, art connoisseurs, simply rich tourists, who are often accompanied by dazzling beauties of the category SG elite escorts, disarming others with an irresistible smile and chic outfits.

The budget allocated for the reconstruction of the two buildings was US $ 320 million. By the way, the former city hall is historical: it was in 1945 that the command of the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition accepted the surrender of Japan.

To date, the collection, housed within the walls of two iconic historical buildings, includes works of various genres:

classical painting, from the first half of the 19th century to contemporary works;

sculptural works and compositions, demonstrating different stages of development of local culture;

modern video installations and performances, art objects and other art items.

Of course, the basis of the exposition is made up of objects of local origin, created by creators from Singapore and some other countries of Southeast Asia. However, this in no way diminishes the value of the items on display. Moreover, the collection includes many objects created by artists and sculptors from Europe and America.

To match the majestic monumental buildings and the artistic value on display, the audience visiting the halls of the gallery looks like. There are a lot of high-ranking officials and representatives of governments of various states, famous personalities from the world of art, show business, bohemia, sports, respectable bankers and businessmen, wealthy married couples.

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