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 And you can even plunge into the gastronomic paradise after tasting the local forge. She is excellent! But you need to be prepared for it. So, for example, before visiting this or that restaurant, read reviews, after all, Singaporean food is peculiar.

To make you understand, mix pork, shrimp and a raw egg in the order of things. If you are not ready to take risks, then without any problems you will find French or Italian dishes. After all, there is everything!

Pastime promises to be gorgeous! We are sure that after this acquaintance you will have a hint of a pleasant aftertaste and you will want to repeat it!

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Singapore Attractions

Those people who have ever been to Singapore at least once know perfectly well: he is by no means just a “banana-lemon” one. Today it is a modern, dynamically developing city. There is something to see, and in addition to exotic fruits. 

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Marina Bay in Singapore

As it is known, a transit tourist, traveling through Singapore, has the right to stay here without a visa for 96 hours. This allows you to take the time and, if you have time, familiarize yourself with this unique city in more detail.

Walk around Singapore

The current Singapore is one of the fastest growing points on the map not only of Southeast Asia, but of the whole world.
Who would have thought some 50 years ago that this city-state, which had defended its independence from numerous colonialists, would be able to take such a high start.

Elite escorts in Singapore

Elite escorts in Singapore these are not only chic girls, they are well-educated interlocutors, excellent guides-translators, a nice fun company, business partners and negotiating assistants.