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The unique city-state of Singapore is not only the azure waters of the ocean and dazzling sandy beaches, unique landscapes, exotic flora and fauna. One of the main attractions of Singapore is the local cuisine, which incorporates the best gastronomic traditions of several nations of the world: 

• Chinese; 

• Indian; 

• Malay; 

• Dutch. 

And where is the best place to try local culinary masterpieces, if not in restaurants? Fortunately, despite the relatively small area, there is clearly no shortage of luxurious catering establishments. 


One of the most fashionable, luxurious and prestigious restaurants in Singapore. It is located in the city center and consists of several rooms. The classic and banquet rooms are complemented by a spacious open-air terrace, which offers breathtaking views of the exotic Asian metropolis. And respectable gentlemen in immaculate suits, accompanied by luxurious companions of the Singapore dinner date escorts class, can rent luxury VIP-apartments. 

The interior is decorated in a modern style, but it looks expensive and even luxurious. And on the walls you can see the original works of contemporary artists. As for the cuisine, the bias here is made in the direction of European, or rather, French gourmet cuisine. 

Artemis grill 

A relatively young institution gained its popularity largely due to its location. Dining at the same time is a viewing platform, which offers magnificent views of the city itself and the vast expanses of the ocean. Not disappointing and the menu, in which the emphasis is placed, oddly enough, on Mediterranean cuisine. The interiors are also made in the Adriatic motifs, and the decoration of the olive tree is so unusual for these places, which welcomes guests at the entrance. 

Yan ting 

Prestigious restaurant, which is part of the St.Regis Hotel (5 *). That's where the eyes literally dazzle with the abundance of world stars, gorgeous costumes of respectable men, expensive jewelry and dazzling smiles of beauties from the agencies of the category Singapore VIP escort agency and brilliant expensive interior details! 

The kitchen of the restaurant, which includes local delicacies and gastronomic masterpieces from all over the world, will become like guests. 

And this is not a complete list of luxury restaurants, which are located in Singapore at every step.

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