Singapore nightlife

Singapore nightlife

Like any other major city, no matter in which country it is located, Singapore never sleeps at night. The city has a lot of nightclubs, bars and chic restaurants, where literally at every table you can meet gentlemen in luxurious costumes and their charming companions of the Luxury escorts Singapore models.

The most famous and popular nightclubs in the Asian city-state are as follows:

• Zouk;

• Next Page;

• The Clinic;

• Gotham Penthouse.

And many others, each of which is distinguished by the originality of the design and the uniqueness of the proposed entertainment program. As for the remarkable restaurants, most of them are located at fashionable hotels, information about which can be easily found in any guidebook.

However, the nightlife of Singapore is by no means limited to visiting catering establishments and dancing establishments. The unique modern city can offer its guests other leisure activities in the dark:

• a spectacular laser-light show around the towers of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, held every evening at 8 pm and at 21:30;

• romantic walk on the night river by boat, accessible to tourists until 11 pm;

• viewing the beauty of the evening city from the Ferris wheel, the highest point of which is located at an altitude of 165 meters.

After a rather lengthy reconstruction, the famous quay of the Center for Maritime Trade reopened. Here are located unique restaurants, which are based on the menu of exotic seafood.

World celebrities, successful businessmen, beauties from agencies of the category High class Singapore escort and just representatives of various countries of the world are slowly defiling here.

There is a rather hackneyed stamp about the “city of contrasts”. But in the case of Singapore, it is not easy to pick a more accurate expression. This place really impresses with exotic flora and fauna, an organic combination of unique natural landscapes and ultramodern architecture, a mixture of many of the most diverse world cultures.

And the nightlife of this place is absolutely in no way inferior to the world's leading capitals, neither in terms of saturation, nor in terms of diversity. That’s why tourists come here from literally all over the world, regardless of the tastes and thickness of the wallet!

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