Singapore voyage

Singapore voyage

Unlike ordinary tourists, sophisticated and wealthy travelers are well aware: if you choose a voyage to one of the countries of Southeast Asia, then preference should be given not to Thailand or the Philippines, but Singapore. The same ocean with beaches of impeccable cleanliness, but much less budget tourists.

Luxury hotels with an exclusive quality of service and all the necessary infrastructure within walking distance. Moreover, stepping - almost literally. Well, and for lovers of gastronomic pleasures, it is Singapore that is a real paradise!

As for catering establishments, the city-state does not experience any deficit in them. But not all restaurants in Singapore are equally good. If you have the desire and financial opportunities to visit the best of them, then you should pay attention to Absinthe. True, in doing so, one must take into account one's viability.

The dishes are as elegant as expensive, and single men visit this restaurant exclusively accompanied by dazzling beauties of the elite SG escorts, capable of not only smiling radiantly, but also emphasizing the high status of their companion, and sometimes acting as a referent, translator, irreplaceable assistant.

The restaurant itself is not difficult to find - it is located in the very center of the city. The institution is designed for various forms of guests' relaxation depending on their preferences and is divided into several zones:

a classic room with tables for a different number of people;

banquet hall for celebrations or cultural events;

an open-air terrace with a gorgeous view of the city and the ocean;

VIP-apartments where you can hold romantic dates, or serious business meetings.

And all this is furnished dearly and rich. With an abundance of crystal, natural fabrics and even paintings by fashion artists. But the main chic of Absinthe Singapore restaurant is not even in the interior, location and impeccable level of service, but in the menu. Those dishes that offer local cuisine virtuosos are not found anywhere else. And to enjoy them surrounded by the brilliant beauties of the category Singapore top escort girls is a double pleasure! However, we will not be distracted ...

As for dishes, no matter how it sounds for an island country, the menu presents by no means only seafood and exotic fruits and vegetables. Serious attention is paid to Mediterranean cuisine (French, Italian, Greek, etc.). Local stewed rabbit in cognac sauce, as well as stuffed goose, are known all over the world.

The chef of the restaurant - a multiple winner and laureate of various prestigious gastronomic competitions - almost every day pampers visitors with new and sophisticated recipes. Well, and of course, corresponding to its name, the restaurant offers a huge wine list: at least 30 types of absinthe will be offered here, not to mention the most luxurious wines from around the world.

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