Unique pastry restaurant

Unique pastry restaurant

Nowadays, it is very difficult to surprise a rich traveler with some gastronomic delights, unusual interiors or the level of service in restaurants, no matter where in the world they are. But there is one very remarkable institution in Singapore, to which sophisticated gourmets from all over the world aspire:

connoisseurs of haute author's cuisine from very wealthy circles;

representatives of bohemia, the world of cinema, show business, sports;

respectable gentlemen, accompanied by charming beauties from agencies of the Singapore social dating agency class, sparkling with charming smiles;

just very rich tourists from different countries.

In addition, even ministers and high-ranking officials often drop in this unique place. Why is Janice Wang in Singapore so captivating?

What is surprising: the owner of the establishment herself did not expect such a brilliant audience to be here. Jennings Wong originally conceived her establishment as a small coffee shop. For this idea, she has traveled almost half the world: Chicago, Paris, Sydney. And so, in 2007 this respectable and chic restaurant was opened in Singapore!

Here, in an amazing way, masterpieces of confectionery art are intertwined with local Thai traditions! The author's dessert menu alone has about 5 pages! And more recently, world-renowned Jennis Wong, in collaboration with guest chef Ma Jian Jun, offers an incredible opportunity: to compose a dish from more than 70 ingredients!

The fact that it is located in the building of the National Museum of Singapore gives an additional piquancy to this institution! And this, of course, excludes the presence of a noisy crowd of tourists dressed at random.

Rather, on the contrary: it is customary to visit this world-famous institution in expensive suits, despite the local hot climate. In addition, given local traditions and customs, it is not very customary to appear here alone. A completely different thing is the appearance in the company of a radiant beauty from the high category elite escort Singapore, to which everyone will pay attention!

An amazing place, which arose not "thanks", but "in spite of", has become a truly incredible embodiment of the unique and mysterious Asia! The catalog of our agency contains a lot of enchantresses who are ready to reveal these secrets, tell much more and brighten up the rapidly falling Asian sky! Become a guide for the evening, or just a pleasant adventure. And no one will ask for extra money for this company!

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