What’s happened to SG Wolf / SGWolf site? Are there alternatives?


Cheap escort is a kind of double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes such services available for a wider range of clients. On the other hand, cheap is often an antonym to quality, especially in such a sphere. Singapore is a state known for its rapidly growing economy, rich history, and unique architecture. Still, there are some black spots on its reputation. What or who is to blame for that? Among those who harm the overall image of the country appeared the SGWolf website. If you don’t know this story yet, wait a bit to know it all.

Why Cheap Escorts Is a Bad Idea?

Do you know why cheap escorts are the worst choice you could ever make for yourself? You don’t? Then we have some explanation for you and strong arguments why you’d better stay away from such services. Agreeing to cheap escorts, you should understand that the ladies working there are far from being called top-level beauties. Typically, the workers of such services are average women with low-level education and low social standards. They can’t make a good company on a business lunch, social event, and just a walk around the city. Cheap escorts are not companions or interlocutors. They are more of sex service providers only. As for the other reasons to think twice before calling a cheap escort agency or using the websites like SG Wolf 888, they are listed below: • You risk getting involved in the coercion of women to sex services. This is a felony and human rights violation. If your moral principles don’t allow you to participate in such things, you’d better avoid using such services. • Exploitation of women who found themselves in difficult life circumstances is another argument to refuse from using the websites like SG Wolfs. • SGWolf and similar services are often associated with drug dealerships. If you don’t want to get into that mud, cheap escorts are not for you. • Cheap escort agencies don’t pay much attention to the health of their workers. Taking into account the specificity of their job, this might be dangerous not only for the ladies but for their clients as well. Overall, cheap escort doesn’t promise anything good aside from the price of their services. But do the money really matter that much to intentionally put yourself at such risks?

SGWolf. The Story You Need to Know

SG Wolf used to be one of the most famous and popular cheap escorts websites in Singapore. Hundreds of men surfed the pages of the site, looking for explicit SG Wolf video and photo materials as well as ladies to date. Hundreds of Chinese and Singaporean women had their profiles on this website. Both the locals and the tourists were actively using the services offered by SGWolf. Things changed dramatically when SG Wolfs was accused of spreading SG Wolf video without female consent. As the investigation started, many more violations of the law came to the light. It also turned out that the service was involved in soliciting prostitution over the Internet. The Singaporean police, along with the Ministry of Public Security, started an investigation, which lasted a bit more than a month. During the investigation, the police held dozens of searches, looking for proof of illegal activity of SG Wolf 888. Charged with providing sex services for money, almost 180 women were arrested. However, no one was going to stop halfway and let the organizers of this crime avoid legal responsibility. The female managers of the website who were in charge of the illicit business were residents of China. They were arrested and imprisoned for their felonies. This story ended with banning and closing sgwolf.com.

Why Is SG Wolf Still Being Spoken About?

If the website has been closed for several years, why would anyone speak about it? The thing is that not everyone knows about the banning of SGWolf and hundreds of search queries with the words “SG Wolfs” still appear. Scammers couldn’t miss a chance to benefit from this situation. That’s why they created dozens of mirror websites and clones, mimicking the interface of SG Wolf. How is that dangerous for you? By following the links to swindle websites, you risk catching a virus on your computer, which may steal your sensitive data or do other harm to the information stored on your device. Besides, making any payments via SG Wolf mirrors or clones, your payment information is not protected, and your credit card information may get into the wrong hands. We all know what the consequences may be.

What Are the Alternatives to SGWolf?

The best way out in such a situation is to find a safe and legal SGWolf alternative. To stay within the budget you planned to spend on cheap escorts, you can find a legal substitution offline. Just go for a walk to Geylang. It’s a popular tourist spot in Singapore known for its architecture, shophouses, and nightlife. Another thing that makes Geylang famous among tourists is that it is considered the red lights district of Singapore. All the ladies working there do it legally, so you can easily find the one who will satisfy your needs without breaking the law. If you put quality above the price of the service, then elite escorts agency Singapore Prive is what you need. Our gallery is full of beautiful, highly educated, and sophisticated ladies of Singaporean and European descent. Singapore Prive agency provides luxury escort services in Singapore. Years of experience made us experts in the sphere and help us provide ultimate services for the gentlemen who are not used to compromising on the quality. The managers of the agency will help you choose a perfect lady based on your preferences in age, appearance, and level of education. We’ll also take care of arranging a date to create a perfect customer experience for you. Remember, money is nothing – your positive emotions are what really matter.

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